Template Development

Ensuring every project starts with the right format template.

Template Development

Our template development services provide your organization with a full suite of our recently updated 4.0 series tendering templates based on the latest case law developments and leading global standards, as well as our standard term contract formats covering the core commercial terms of your procurement contracts.

In addition to ensuring compliance across all applicable guidelines, statutes and laws, our tendering templates are also compatible with standard word processing programs and are configured for automated RFX drafting and assembly with our proprietary Orbidder system. And by leveraging our Orbidder RFX Drafting Control Room, your procurement departments can reach new heights in speed and precision when designing, drafting, and assembling your tendering documents. Our contract format templates are also compatible with manual usage or within our Orbidder system.

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More about our tendering templates

We offer a number of flat-rate template development packages designed to update or overhaul an organization’s tendering documents, with an emphasis on tailoring treaty-compliant, flexible, low-risk formats that accelerate procurement while reducing exposure.

Drawing from our Procurement Playbook, we offer a flat-rate Template Overhaul package that provides a complete review and upgrade of an organization’s tendering documents. In addition to updating “Contract A” Invitation to Tender and RFP formats, we also tailor flexible low-risk formats that allow the organization to accelerate its tendering cycle while reducing exposure.

The Template Overhaul includes the following formats:

  • Invitation to Tender
  • No-Negotiation RFP
  • Consecutive Negotiation/Rank-and-Run RFP
  • Concurrent Negotiation/BAFO RFP
  • Invitational Request for Quotation
  • Open Request for Quotation
  • Request for Information
  • Request for Supplier Qualifications – Prequalification
  • Request for Supplier Qualifications – Framework

More about our standard contract forms

We also offer the following standard term contracts setting out the basic terms and conditions governing the awarded contract, to be used in conjunction with our tendering templates:

  • Basic Commodities Purchase Order that sets out contract terms and conditions for the acquisition of basic commodities. 
  • Form of Agreement that includes standard contract terms and conditions for general deliverables, including basic goods and services, and incorporates the RFX document and successful bid or proposal by reference in a format intended to be formally executed by both parties.
  • Letter Agreement that attaches standard contract terms and conditions to a form of selection letter that incorporates the details of the successful bid or proposal and is intended to be sent to the successful bidder or proponent for signature.
  • Form of Master Agreement for Roster Framework for use with a roster of pre-qualified suppliers established through a Request for Supplier Qualifications process.
  • Form of Master Agreement for Group Purchasing for use by multiple purchasing entities contracting with a single supplier.