treaty compliance

Buyer Beware: Piggybacking and Onboarding are Sole-Sourcing

By: Paul Emanuelli There is a great deal of confusion about “piggybacking” or “onboarding” and a long legacy of misuse of these practices in the Canadian public procurement industry. You will not find a specific written prohibition in the treaties on [...]

Orbidder Update [Recording Available]

Join us for a walk-through of our latest Orbidder updates, functionalities and further expansion. Thinking about taking Orbidder out for a test drive? Here's your chance to get a preview. Want to ensure your RFx documents are treaty-compliant and consistent? [...]

Leveraging Technology for Treaty Compliance [Recording Available]

Canada’s new trade treaties impose greater risk and uncertainty on traditional tendering practices. However, they also serve as a once-in-a-generation opportunity to reboot your procurement systems. The Leveraging Technology for Treaty Compliance webinar will explain how Orbidder and Bonfire, two made-in-Canada procurement [...]