The Art of Tendering

Serving the Public Interest: An Introduction to The Art of Tendering [Recording Available]

This introduction to The Art of Tendering: A Global Due Diligence Guide explains why strategic execution in government procurement is a matter of paramount public interest. This discussion also explains how the convergence of global standards is impacting public procurement [...]

Why Procurement Projects Fail [Recording Available]

The “Flawed Execution Fallacy” assumes that public sector project failures can be blamed on project-level incompetence and inefficient institutional-level project management mechanisms. While partially true, this accounts for only 40% of the inherent risk factors that plague public sector procurement [...]

The Art of Tendering: Seminar with SCMA BC

Featuring new content from Paul Emanuelli’s forthcoming new book The Art of Tendering: A Global Due Diligence Guide, this program will cover the most important issues facing public procurement professionals with a focus on how domestic and global trends are [...]