Procurement Resourcing Strategies Part I – Filling the Resource Gap [Recording Available]

From navigating institutional governance to executing major projects, from leveraging flexible tendering formats to negotiating critical contract details, from managing performance disputes to launching smart procurement technologies, this presentation will cover the seven essential procurement skills purchasing departments should target [...]

Orbidder: First-Year Update [Recording Available]

From federal institutions to public agencies, from municipalities to education- and health-sector entities, our Orbidder system is now spanning six times zones across North America and serving public institutions at all levels of government. Join our first-year anniversary webinar to [...]

Leveraging Technology for Treaty Compliance [Recording Available]

Canada’s new trade treaties impose greater risk and uncertainty on traditional tendering practices. However, they also serve as a once-in-a-generation opportunity to reboot your procurement systems. The Leveraging Technology for Treaty Compliance webinar will explain how Orbidder and Bonfire, two made-in-Canada procurement [...]

Integrated Project Delivery (IPD): Moving Beyond Traditional Project Delivery

By Sarah Alexander, Lawyer When did project failure become the new status quo? Across the globe traditional project delivery has been plagued with delays and costs overruns. Driven by self-interest, contracting parties lack the motivation and incentive to work together [...]