Frontier Justice and the End of Contract A [Recording Available]

For those still using Contract A tendering formats, the June 2018 Yukon Court of Appeal decision in Mega Reporting Inc. v. Yukon serves as a last call to finally part company with the unclear Contract A rules and join the [...]

Frontier Justice and the End of Contract A

Related Webinar: Frontier Justice and the End of Contract A By Paul Emanuelli (This article was published in the August 2018 edition of Purchasing B2B magazine.) For those still using Contact A tendering [...]

Purchasing Workshop in Kamloops, BC

We are pleased to announce that Paul Emanuelli will be presenting a two-day purchasing workshop in Kamloops, British Columbia, May 7-8, 2018. The workshop will include the following topics: Treaty Compliance Open and Fair Competition Anti-Avoidance Rules and Exemptions Debriefing [...]

GAO Orders Redraft of Restrictive Tanker Specifications

By Paul Emanuelli In its November 2017 decision in Global SuperTanker Services, LLC., the GAO ordered the redraft of a solicitation after finding that the government was unable to defend the challenged specifications. The case dealt with an RFP for [...]

Comptroller General Overturns Award Due to Conflict

By Paul Emanuelli In its September 2017 determination in Re Transportation Resources Associates Inc., the New York Comptroller General’s Office struck down a contract award after finding that a bidder was improperly permitted to substitute a subcontractor that was in [...]

Scottish Court Rejects Claim in Competitive Dialogue RFP

By Paul Emanuelli In its March 2016 judgment in Shetland Line (1984) Limited v. The Scottish Ministers, the Scottish Court of Sessions rejected a lost profit claim involving a ferry services competitive dialogue RFP. While the plaintiff claimed that the [...]