2018 Countdown of Top Newsreel Trends [Recording Available]

Our Media Monitoring Team tracks public procurement current events by staying on top of the latest news as it happens. After careful analysis of this year's news reports, we've identified the major themes that ruled the 2018 news cycle and [...]

Global Newsreel for July 30, 2018

New CFTA Ruling By CITT, Sole-Sourcing Controversies, and Taxpayer Savings in Idaho By: Paul Emanuelli and Lisa Kuechler This week’s newsreel features a case note by Procurement Law Office Legal Counsel Anna Krol on a new ruling under the Canadian [...]

2017 Countdown of Top Newsreel Trends [Recording Available]

News reports have long served as an early warning system for industry trends in public procurement. From international intrigues to the latest local tendering scandals, this webinar offers a global perspective on the most pressing trends impacting public procurement and [...]