Newsreel for October 7, 2019

Why Canada Keeps Losing the Big Cases, Cayman Proposes Green Energy Reverse Auctions, and Canadian Agency Sole-Sources PR Contract By Julia Mills The top procurement stories this week include a feature on why Canada never wins the big procurement [...]

Newsreel for September 30, 2019

New Zealand Audits District Health App, Canada Faces More F-35 Woes, and Ontario Shipyard Withdraws Tribunal Complaint By Julia Mills This week's top government procurement stories include an auditor general's report on a health app that went bust, protests [...]

Newsreel for August 26, 2019

Liberals Accused of Buying Votes With $3B Sole-Source, Halifax Shipyard Awarded $500M Maintenance Deal, and Trinidad Senator Wins Millions in Government Deals By Paul Emanuelli In this week’s global newsreel update, Canada doubles down on pre-election spending, the US [...]

US Newsreel for August 6, 2019

Trump Slams China with More Tariffs, Boris Hurtles Britain Towards No-Deal Brexit, and NASA Terminates Lunar Lander Deal By Paul Emanuelli In this week’s newsreel, Trump doubles down on China tariffs, Boris Johnson hurtles the UK towards a no-deal [...]

US Newsreel for July 15, 2019

Republicans Call on Trump to Intervene in Pentagon Cloud Bid, Appeal Court Freezes Pentagon Border Wall Funding, and Puerto Rico Governor Calls for Procurement Reforms By Paul Emanuelli In this week’s newsreel, Republicans call on Trump to intervene in [...]

Global Newsreel for February 25, 2019

New Brunswick Fights Back Against Negative Audit, Western Canada Expands Bid Protest Mechanism, and Kenyan Garbage Tender Under Fire For Anomalies By Paul Emanuelli and Jenna Peacock In this week’s newsreel, New Brunswick fights back against a negative audit report, Western [...]