Global Newsreel November 5, 2018

Canada’s Supreme Court Rules Against Reopening 65-Year Old Contract and the Trans-Pacific Partnership is Ratified By Paul Emanuelli and Candace Hurlock This week our media monitoring team was tracking a Canadian court blocking the reopening of a 65-year old [...]

Global Newsreel Update – June 25, 2018

Trump Reports Progress in NAFTA Talks and Escalating Trade Wars Could Trigger Recession By: Paul Emanuelli and Lisa Kuechler This week our media monitoring team is tracking progress and peril on the trade treaty front, fresh evidence in the New York State [...]

Flawed Award Records Breach Jamaica’s Procurement Rules

By Paul Emanuelli In its March 2017 Special Report on Jamaica 50 Celebration Activities, Jamaica’s Contractor General found that government officials breached government procurement rules when they failed to maintain proper contract award records. The report dealt with multiple contract [...]

Lack of Proper Oversight in Jamaica’s St. Ann Parish

By Paul Emanuelli In its November 2017 Special Report on St. Ann Municipal Corporation Contracts, Jamaica’s Contractor General found widespread contracting irregularities in Jamaica’s St. Ann Parish. The report found an absence of bid evaluation records, the lack of records [...]