Leveraging Advanced Drafting Platforms

Public institutions should launch advanced drafting platforms that leverage human intelligence and embed strategic planning into the procurement process. This presentation will explain how using smart tendering templates and advanced drafting formats can help project teams develop clear project design [...]

Sharing Our 2020 Vision

As discussed in The Art of Tendering: A Global Due Diligence Guide, procurement departments are repeatedly short-changed in resourcing decisions, shut out of strategic planning sessions, and scapegoated for major project failures. To break this cycle of failure, public institutions [...]

Breaking Trends in the Use of Negotiated RFPs

By Paul Emanuelli In a recent interview for a feature article by Purchasing B2B editor Michael Power on Procurement Law Trends, I noted that the use of negotiated RFPs has reached an irreversible tipping point across the Canadian public sector, with [...]

Emerging Contract Models for Complex Procurement Projects with SCMA Ontario

The emergence of complex procurement projects with multiple goals and stakeholders has underlined the need for innovative contracting models. This workshop, taught by Paul Emanuelli through the Supply Chain Management Association of Ontario (SCMA Ontario), will explore a broad range [...]

Paul Emanuelli Featured in Article on Procurement Law Trends

Paul Emanuelli was recently featured in a  Purchasing B2B article titled Procurement Law Trends: Legal experts take a look at the trends and issues affecting procurement law (February 2017 issue), by Purchasing B2B editor Michael Power (for the PDF version, click here or on the [...]