Five Factors for Scoring Advanced Procurement Performers

By: Paul Emanuelli This article describes a 100-point scoring system covering five critical factors for identifying, recruiting, and developing top-tier procurement professionals. It explains why years of experience should be limited to 20 points maximum, how you should score core [...]

Procurement Resourcing Strategies Part I – Filling the Resource Gap [Recording Available]

From navigating institutional governance to executing major projects, from leveraging flexible tendering formats to negotiating critical contract details, from managing performance disputes to launching smart procurement technologies, this presentation will cover the seven essential procurement skills purchasing departments should target [...]

The Seven Essential Skills of a Public Procurement Professional

By: Paul Emanuelli Public sector procurement departments are under unprecedented pressure to deliver results for their organizations. Moving forward, these pressures are going to place increasing demands on procurement departments to develop highly functioning procurement teams. This article summarizes the [...]