Fair Evaluation

Major Meltdown in Nuclear Bid Evaluation [Recording Available]

Covering the critical defects in group evaluations highlighted in the recent Energy Solutions EU Limited v. Nuclear Decommissioning Authority decision, this webinar will provide a checklist of remediation measures aimed at mitigating the major exposures present in complex government procurement [...]

Enhanced Consensus Scoring: Implementing Lessons Learned

Related Publication: A related article on this topic was published in the June 2017 issue of Purchasing B2B magazine. Click here or on the image to view or download the one-page PDF article. In recent years, group [...]

Ten Critical Defects in Nuclear Bid Evaluation

The July 2016 U.K. decision in Energy Solutions EU Limited v. Nuclear Decommissioning Authority serves as an excellent case study highlighting the common pitfalls present in managing group evaluation processes in procurement projects. It exposes the systemic defects in industry [...]

Supreme Court of India Upholds Government Retender

By Paul Emanuelli In its October 2015 decision in South Delhi Municipal Corp v. Ravinder Kumar, the Supreme Court of India upheld a municipality’s decision to retender a public works contract because the rates offered by the low bidder were [...]

No Damages Against Non-Compliant Bid Award

By Paul Emanuelli In its June 2016 decision in Graillen Holdings Inc. v. Orangeville (Town), the Ontario Superior Court of Justice dismissed a construction tendering claim against a municipality that awarded to a non-compliant bidder after concluding that the municipality [...]

Top 10 RFX Drafting Dangers

Related Webinar: Top Ten RFX-Drafting Dangers, September 7, 2016 @ 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm EDT By Paul Emanuelli Whether its overall strategic design planning or sorting out the finer points for their specifications, evaluation criteria and process rules, [...]

Jamaica Sets Standard for Transparent Price-Evaluation Formulas

By Paul Emanuelli When bids are evaluated on the basis of price alone for a single price category, the assessment of the low bid is typically a straightforward exercise. However, this process becomes more complex when there are multiple pricing [...]

Court Rejects Bid Shopping Claim at Wayne Gretzky Sports Centre

By Paul Emanuelli In its December 2015 decision in Dynamic Painting v. Ball Construction, the Ontario Superior Court of Justice rejected a lost profit claim brought by a losing bidder for a municipal painting contract. The case dealt with a [...]

Court Rejects Conflict of Interest Challenge in Municipal Contracting Case

By Paul Emanuelli In its November 2015 decision in Kruse v. Santer, the Saskatchewan Court of Queen’s Bench rejected an applicant’s municipal conflict of interest challenge after finding that any potential contracting transgressions by the city councillors in question were [...]

Re-Evaluation Ordered Due to Unclear Licensing Requirements

By Paul Emanuelli In its October 2015 determination in Space2place Design Inc. v. Parks Canada Agency, the Canadian International Trade Tribunal ordered a re-evaluation after determining that the government relied on undisclosed factors to reject a bid. The case dealt [...]