Hot Launching Major Projects [Recording Available]

Getting what you need, on budget, on time, and by the rules, is harder than it looks, especially when major projects are involved. This presentation will explain how to integrate design-planning, project management and business process mapping into your procurement [...]

Purchasing Workshop in Kamloops, BC

We are pleased to announce that Paul Emanuelli will be presenting a two-day purchasing workshop in Kamloops, British Columbia, May 7-8, 2018. The workshop will include the following topics: Treaty Compliance Open and Fair Competition Anti-Avoidance Rules and Exemptions Debriefing [...]

Orbidder Update [Recording Available]

Join us for a walk-through of our latest Orbidder updates, functionalities and further expansion. Thinking about taking Orbidder out for a test drive? Here's your chance to get a preview. Want to ensure your RFx documents are treaty-compliant and consistent? [...]

The Virtues of Version Control

By Jennifer Marston (Originally published in Purchasing B2B magazine, September 2012.) In procurement operations, where template use is common and documents are often assembled by multi-disciplinary project teams working concurrently under time pressure, proper version control is essential. Unless revisions [...]

Selecting an Appropriate Pricing Structure

By Rosslyn Young (Originally published in Accelerating the Tendering Cycle: A Legal Due Diligence Guide.) When public sector entities are putting goods or services to market through a competitive procurement process, they often spend a great deal of time developing [...]

Calgary Auditor Calls for Update of City’s Procurement Practices

By Paul Emanuelli After conducting a procurement audit of the City of Calgary’s procurement operations, the City Auditor released two reports, the first in November 2009 and the second in May 2010, which made a series of recommendations for updating [...]

World Bank Recommends Different Contract Pricing Structures

By Paul Emanuelli The World Bank’s Guidelines: Selection and Employment of Consultants by World Bank Borrowers recognize that institutions have a broad range of different contract pricing structures to draw from for the procurement of consulting services. For example, the [...]