Implementing Major Project Disciplines [Recording Available]

Public institutions should set aside the outdated procedures used in their standard purchasing processes and adopt advanced disciplines for dealing with major procurement projects. This presentation will discuss how these advanced protocols should include procurement process improvements in the areas [...]

Hot Launching Major Projects [Recording Available]

Getting what you need, on budget, on time, and by the rules, is harder than it looks, especially when major projects are involved. This presentation will explain how to integrate design-planning, project management and business process mapping into your procurement [...]

Purchasing Workshop in Kamloops, BC

We are pleased to announce that Paul Emanuelli will be presenting a two-day purchasing workshop in Kamloops, British Columbia, May 7-8, 2018. The workshop will include the following topics: Treaty Compliance Open and Fair Competition Anti-Avoidance Rules and Exemptions Debriefing [...]

Orbidder Update [Recording Available]

Join us for a walk-through of our latest Orbidder updates, functionalities and further expansion. Thinking about taking Orbidder out for a test drive? Here's your chance to get a preview. Want to ensure your RFx documents are treaty-compliant and consistent? [...]

Vague Evaluation Factors Lead to Re-evaluation of Waste Disposal Bids

By Paul Emanuelli In its March 2007 decision in Natural World Products Limited v. ARC 21, the Northern Ireland High Court of Justice, Queen’s Bench Division, ordered the re-evaluation of tenders after the initial evaluation process strayed from the pre-established [...]

“Generally Available” Phrase Serves as an Invitation to Sue

By Paul Emanuelli The matter of SAP Public Services, Inc. dealt with an unsuccessful supplier’s allegation that a contract was awarded to a noncompliant competitor whose product failed to meet the “generally available” requirement in the request for quotation. The [...]

RFP Documents Should Be Interpreted as a Whole

By Paul Emanuelli This article is an excerpt from Government Procurement, which is available for purchase. In the July 1995 Re R.E.D. Electronics Inc. determination, the Canadian International Trade Tribunal dealt with an interpretive dispute over a Canadian Department of Finance RFP [...]