Contract A

Canadian Law Series – Legal Foundations: Seminar with SCMA British Columbia

Featuring the most popular critical legal trends covered in the 4th edition of his standard-setting Government Procurement textbook, The Legal Foundations stream out of Paul Emanuelli’s Canadian Law Series covers the main administrative and commercial law duties and remedies that [...]

Frontier Justice and the End of Contract A [Recording Available]

For those still using Contract A tendering formats, the June 2018 Yukon Court of Appeal decision in Mega Reporting Inc. v. Yukon serves as a last call to finally part company with the unclear Contract A rules and join the [...]

Frontier Justice and the End of Contract A

Related Webinar: Frontier Justice and the End of Contract A By Paul Emanuelli (This article was published in the August 2018 edition of Purchasing B2B magazine.) For those still using Contact A tendering [...]

Negotiated RFP Dispute Summarily Dismissed

By Paul Emanuelli In its October 2017 decision in Adlair Aviation (1983) Ltd. v. Nunavut, the Nunavut Court of Justice summarily dismissed a lawsuit against the government after finding that the challenged air ambulance RFP did not create the Contract [...]

Contract Amendments and Bid Repair

By: Paul Emanuelli (This article was published by Daily Commercial News on February 26, 2014 and is an excerpt from Paul Emanuelli’s Government Procurement, 3rd edition textbook.) In its October 2010 decision in Bois A. Lachance Lumber Ltd. v. Conseil [...]

Contractor Not Liable for Performance Failure Due to Fundamental Mistake in Specifications

By Paul Emanuelli (This brief was excerpted from the forthcoming 4th Edition of Paul Emanuelli’s Government Procurement textbook.) In its June 2013 decision in Asco Construction Ltd. v. Epoxy Solutions Inc., the Ontario Superior Court of Justice – Divisional Court found a defendant [...]