Open Tendering and Sole-Sourcing

By Paul Emanuelli This article is an excerpt from The Art of Tendering: A Global Due Diligence Guide, which is available for purchase. Awarding contracts through open competition is the first principle of public procurement. As the following case studies illustrate, public institutions [...]

Global Newsreel January 14, 2019

Judge Rules For Brampton in $28.5 Million Lost Profit Lawsuit, New California Governor Calls for Faster Procurement, and Small Incumbent Cut Out of Large Retender By Paul Emanuelli and Jenna Peacock This week’s newsreel includes an Ontario court decision for Brampton [...]

Global Newsreel November 19, 2018

California High-Speed Rail Billions Over Budget, Britain Faces Recession Due to Brexit Gamble and Whistleblowing Leads to Nepotism Termination By Paul Emanuelli and Candace Hurlock This week’s newsreel features presentation slides on The Five Inherent Risk Factors that kick off [...]

California Court of Appeal Upholds Sole-Source Decision

By Paul Emanuelli In its June 2015 decision in Michael Weinstein v. County of Los Angeles, the California Court of Appeal reversed a trial decision that had struck down a municipal sole-source contract award for health care support services. The [...]

Court Upholds Stand-By Contracts for Emergency Fire Services

By Paul Emanuelli In its January 2015 decision in Fairview Valley Fire, Inc. v. California Department of Forestry, the California Court of Appeal upheld the California Department of Forestry’s stand-by emergency fire services agreements after finding that the agreements were [...]