Global Newsreel Update – August 6, 2018

Canadian Sole-Sourcing "Emergency", New Batch of Lawsuits, and Billions of Extra Costs in BC By Paul Emanuelli and Lisa Kuechler This week’s newsreel features a new case note by Anna Krol of the Procurement Law Office on another CFTA [...]

Global Newsreel Update – July 16, 2018

Bid-Rigging Intrigues in New York State and High-Cost Cushions at Canada's Mexican Embassy By: Paul Emanuelli and Lisa Kuechler In this week’s news we’re tracking more bid-rigging intrigues in New York State, a land sale audit in British Columbia, calls [...]

Bid Accepted Notwithstanding Missing Project Schedule

By Paul Emanuelli In its May 2017 decision in Maglio Installations Ltd. v. Castlegar (City), the British Columbia Supreme Court dismissed a claim by a losing bidder after finding that a competing bid was compliant and capable of acceptance. The [...]

Court of Appeal Upholds Summary Dismissal of Invalid Bid

By Paul Emanuelli In its April 2016 decision in True Construction Ltd. v. Kamloops (City), the British Columbia Court of Appeal upheld a lower court’s summary dismissal of a claim by a non-compliant bidder in a dispute over a fire [...]

Court of Appeal Dismisses Claim by Non-Compliant Bidder

By Paul Emanuelli In its December 2015 decision in M.G. Logging and Sons Ltd. v. British Columbia, the British Columbia Court of Appeal dismissed a losing bidder’s lost profit claim after finding that the bidder submitted a non-compliant bid with [...]

Spending Audit Blasts BC’s Alleged Health Savings

According to a report in the Prince George Citizen, the BC Auditor General found that the province's health agency was unable to substantiate the $230 million in alleged cost savings it claimed to have achieved through its procurement consolidation exercise: VICTORIA [...]