Tribunal Rules on Posting, Specs, Evaluations, and Debriefs

By: Anna Krol In its April 2018 determination in Vintage Designing Co. v. Canadian Museum of History, the Canadian International Trade Tribunal elaborated on some of the new trade treaty requirements under the CFTA by ruling on a series of [...]

Canada’s Agreement on Internal Trade Sets Open Procurement Standards

By Paul Emanuelli Canada’s domestic trade treaty, the Agreement on Internal Trade, contains detailed procurement provisions that set national open procurement standards regulating technical requirements and evaluation criteria. The Canadian procurement rules prohibit the following actions: • Creating conditions that [...]

Caribbean Trade Treaty Sets Standards for Technical Specifications

By Paul Emanuelli The Economic Partnership Agreement, which was signed in October 2008 by the European Union and the CARIFORUM countries (Antigua and Barbuda, Bahamas, Barbados, Belize, Dominica, the Dominican Republic, Grenada, Jamaica, Saint Lucia, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, [...]

UK Public Contracts Regulations Set Technical Specifications Standards

By Paul Emanuelli The Public Contracts Regulations 2006, which serves as the statutory framework governing public sector procurement in the United Kingdom, set detailed rules governing the incorporation and evaluation of technical specifications in procurement documents. These Regulations require the [...]

European Parliament Sets Standards for Neutral Specifications and Green Procurement Rules

By Paul Emanuelli The European Parliament’s 2004 Procurement Directive for Public Works Contracts, Public Supply Contracts and Public Service Contracts establishes governing principles for the incorporation of technical specifications into procurement documents. The Directive calls for the promotion of open [...]

Branding Allowed Only as a Last Resort

By Paul Emanuelli In February 2002 in Re Cognos Inc., the Canadian International Trade Tribunal determined that the government was allowed to use branding in its specifications only as a last resort. The dispute dealt with a request for proposals [...]