Audit Finds Delays and Biased Planning in P3 Project

By Paul Emanuelli This article is an excerpt from The Art of Tendering: A Global Due Diligence Guide, which is available for purchase. In its spring 2018 report entitled Replacing Montréal’s Champlain Bridge—Infrastructure Canada, the Auditor General of Canada determined that delayed decision-making [...]

Global Newsreel December 10, 2018

Ontario Audit Questions Waterfront Toronto RFP, Risk of “Raw Deal” in Military Sole-Sourcing, and CARICOM Portal Opens Bidding Across Caribbean By Paul Emanuelli and Lisa Kuechler This week’s newsreel highlights include audit concerns over advanced disclosures and tight bid timeframes in Waterfront [...]

Newfoundland Audit Finds Unethical Spending

By: Anna Krol In its September 2018 report titled Management of the Procurement of Goods and Services – Newfoundland and Labrador English School District, the Newfoundland Auditor General found Newfoundland and Labrador English School District (NLESD) to be persistently non-compliant [...]

Calgary Auditor Calls for Oversight and Training in Corporate Credit Card Purchases

By: Anna Krol In its January 2018 report titled Corporate Credit Card (Data Analytics) Audit, the Calgary City Auditor’s Office found non-compliance in the employee use of the corporate credit card for low-dollar value purchases under $5,000. The City Auditor [...]

Global Newsreel September 17, 2018

Unit Price Omission Renders Bid Non-Compliant and Mexican Telcos in Bid Protest Standoff Over Pemex Award By Paul Emanuelli and Lisa Kuechler This week’s newsreel includes a Legal Update by Procurement Law Office Counsel Anna Krol on a recent lost profit [...]

Broader Public Sector Accountability Act Submission

This Submission to the Standing Committee on Social Policy was was presented by Paul Emanuelli during the legislative consultation process on the Broader Public Sector Accountability Act (Bill 122) on November 22, 2010.