As discussed in The Art of Tendering: A Global Due Diligence Guide, procurement departments are repeatedly short-changed in resourcing decisions, shut out of strategic planning sessions, and scapegoated for major project failures. To break this cycle of failure, public institutions should enable strategic procurement execution by adopting the following four-pronged strategy:

1. Updating Tendering Templates and Contracting Formats

Public institutions should tear down their antiquated tendering templates and standard term contract formats, and roll out updated standard documents that are based on the latest case law developments and leading global standards.

2. Implementing Project Management Disciplines

Public institutions should set aside the outdated procedures used in their standard purchasing processes and adopt advanced disciplines for dealing with major procurement projects. These advanced protocols should include procurement process improvements in the areas of strategic design planning, format selection, solicitation drafting, group evaluations, commercially confidential meetings, contract award negotiations, debriefings, and bid protests.

3. Deploying Advanced Training Programs

Public institutions should deploy advanced certification programs to ensure that all staff who are engaged in the procurement process have the necessary training to properly deal with the complex challenges of institutional governance, project governance, and solicitation drafting.

4. Leveraging Advanced Drafting Platforms

Public institutions should launch advanced drafting platforms that leverage human intelligence and embed strategic planning into the procurement process. By using smart tendering templates and advanced drafting formats, project teams can develop clear project design plans, co-ordinate concurrent hub-and-spoke drafting, and enhance the speed and precision of their project execution.

Future Considerations

By implementing this proven 2020 Vision in the new year, public institutions will be able to launch their project teams on a trajectory to success in future major project initiatives.

In the upcoming months we will be featuring a series of free webinars that will provide greater insights into our 2020 Vision.

Please stay tuned for more details and, in the interim, feel free to reach out to our leadership team for more information.