Procurement Resource Office

Go with the PROs.

We are pleased to officially announce the launch of the Procurement Resource Office (“PRO”). This new line of business completes the vertical integration of our public sector service offerings, merging with the institutional governance, technology, training, and project support services currently provided by other existing business lines within The Procurement Office to provide an unprecedented level of coordinated procurement support services.

With the launch of PRO, public institutions can now access our deep network of job candidates, screened using procedures that were carefully customized by our expert procurement team for hiring public sector procurement professionals. Our specialized screening process scores the wide range of experience and skills required for public-sector procurement and includes our PRO Rating System, which was specifically designed to help you identify the advanced performers best-suited for senior-level procurement positions.

With the addition of PRO, we can now help fill your internal staffing needs while also offering the strategic advice and assistance required to update your procurement procedures, upgrade your procurement technologies, train your procurement staff, clear your procurement backlogs, and guide your major project teams end-to-end through project planning, document drafting, proposal evaluations, and contact award negotiations.

And if you’re looking for your next opportunity, join our applicant database so we can leverage our contacts across the public institutions we work with to help you find the perfect position for your profile. Every application is confidential and could lead to the next big thing in your career.