Orbidder FAQs

Orbidder™ is a proprietary cloud-based hosted service that uses tendering templates developed for your organization by the Procurement Office. Each organization has its own private control room within the Orbidder “mother ship” where its professionally designed, customized and configured suite of tendering templates remain stationed for the exclusive use of that organization.

How Orbidder Works

The Orbidder service is provided for a low monthly fee. Please contact us to find out more about pricing.
There are no long term commitments. You can cancel the service at any time.

Yes. A one-time fee applies for the development of your organization’s specially customized and configured suite of tendering templates, which are based on the new Procurement Office 3.0 series of tendering templates.

Absolutely. Orbidder was carefully designed to ensure that it is backwards compatible with our 1.0 and 2.0 series of templates, which share a similar modularized architecture as our new treaty compliant 3.0 series. If you already have Procurement Office templates our team will perform a digital configuration to get you launched on Orbidder based on our new 3.0 series. Please contact us for configuration and update fees.

No. The only costs associated with using the Orbidder service are the initial costs for template development and the fixed monthly fee. That monthly fee gives your organization unlimited access to the system for an unlimited number of tendering documents.
Yes, if that’s what you want. Your procurement department will have control to authorize end-users in the various departments within your organization to access the Orbidder system for their discrete projects. Your organization will also determine which super-users have access to the control centre where all in-process projects can be monitored.
With Orbidder you’ll have the complete Procurement Playbook at your fingertips. Orbidder deploys the full suite of tendering documents prepared by the Procurement Office including the Invitation to Tender, Invitational Request for Quotation, Open Request for Quotation, Request for Proposal, Negotiated Request for Proposal, and Best and Final Offer Negotiated Request for Proposal, as well as Prequalification and Request for Information Documents. With Orbidder, you’ll have the full range of options professionally designed to comply with your tendering rules.
No. Procurement Office templates are designed to be seamlessly useable outside of the Orbidder system with standard word processing software. Authorized users within your organization’s Orbidder command room will be able to access your base templates at any time. If you cancel the Orbidder service, you can continue to use those templates outside of Orbidder at no additional cost.

No. Orbidder is not a bid posting or bid receipt system. It is a service that assists you in designing, drafting and assembling your tendering documents. When you use Orbidder, you can continue to post your final tendering documents and can continue to receive your bids by the same methods that you currently use. Click on the diagram below for more details.

How Orbidder Works

Yes. We offer a special no up-front fee launch package for those organizations that commit to a two year term at a monthly fee. After the initial two years, you will automatically be converted to the same standard monthly fee arrangement as other users who paid for their template development up front.

Absolutely. Orbidder was designed to assist your entire procurement team. With Procurement Office tendering templates, you can continue to use your own procurement department, legal advisors and legal agreements within Orbidder. With Orbidder, your organization’s procurement and legal advisors can access into your control room so that they can be part of the core procurement coordinating team.

Yes. For those organizations that do not currently have in-house procurement lawyers, the Procurement Office can help develop updated legal agreements to use with the rest of your Orbidder templates. The Procurement Office is also available to provide further support and training for your deployment of Orbidder, for specific procurement projects and for other procurement services. We also offer an Orbidder Platinum plan with enhanced enterprise-wide user support. Details about our complete suite of services are available on request.

Absolutely. The Procurement Office designed Orbidder for its own use to give us a leading edge in servicing clients in their major procurement projects. If your organization needs help on a project-specific basis, you can retain the Procurement Office on a flat-rate basis to assist you with that RFX using Orbidder, allowing you to test drive the system while launching your project with speed and precision. For a further description of this service and our rates, please contact us. We recommend that you pick your most challenging project for that test drive since Orbidder was built to help you take on your biggest challenges.
No. Orbidder uses a proprietary design planning process that guides users through a series of questions that carefully filter project-specific elements to create a customized project blueprint. That blueprint aligns with the appropriate fixed elements contained within the architecture of the legally designed Procurement Office tendering templates. Other tendering templates are not designed to enable automated project design user interaction or to be compatible with the automated analysis performed by Orbidder that direct projects into the appropriate RFX template.
No, Orbidder is not an IT product, it is an online hosted service, much like online banking or online bookings for travel services. Orbidder leverages technology to help automate the coordination and drafting of solicitation documents by your organization.
No. System users can go online and access Orbidder without any coordination with their IT departments. In fact, Orbidder’s interface was designed to be compatible with portable devices so that you can use the service 24/7 to meet your deadlines no matter where your procurement files take you.

No. Orbidder’s proprietary operating system is housed on the Procurement Office’s secure external platform. This enables the proper functioning of the Orbidder system, greatly reduces the time and expense of system deployment and enables us to provide you with free support tools, along with further training and project support services if required.

Orbidder is hosted within a secure data fortress environment operating at the same level of security used by banking institutions and the military.

Canadian institutions should note that our data fortress complies with Reliability Certified by Public Works and Government Services Canada – Industrial Security Directorate and that all Canadian institution information in the Orbidder system remains on servers in Canada.

The information contained within the Orbidder system is treated at the highest levels of confidentiality. Each organization’s information remains confidential to that specific organization and will not be disclosed, commercialized or sold to third parties. Furthermore, no third parties will be allowed to access your organization through Orbidder for advertising or other unauthorized purposes.
Your organization has complete control over the information that it puts into Orbidder and plans to release to potential bidders. You remain free to develop the working drafts of specific project content within your own systems and you control the timing of when you upload that information into Orbidder for final assembly before releasing it to potential bidders.