Blast Off

Advancing the Art of RFX Drafting

Orbidder is a new automated procurement control room designed to help procurement departments reach new heights in speed and precision when designing, drafting and assembling their tendering documents.

It’s as easy as 1 – 2 – 3.

Orbidder Countdown 1Project Design

Leading you through a streamlined series of carefully designed questions, Orbidder creates a customized blueprint for each procurement project and performs a real-time analysis to select the most project-appropriate RFX format.

Orbidder Countdown 2Coordinated Drafting

From Forbidder’s control room, the procurement team can assess incoming project blueprints, assign drafting roles and deadlines and monitor progress as team members upload their assigned modules into the system for final review and assembly.

Orbidder Countdown 3Instant Assembly

Once the drafting team members finish uploading their content Orbidder instantly assembles the final tendering document based on the original document design blueprint, integrating the project-specific components into the chosen RFX template.