Successful Canadian Launch
Since Orbidder’s Canadian commercial release in June, we made rapid progress over the summer configuring our brand-new treaty-compliant 3.0 series templates for Canadian client institutions and launching those institutions onto the Orbidder drafting system. With an even larger number of launches set for this fall, we’re on track to Orbidding every region in Canada and every sector of government before the end of 2017. We are also working with client institutions in the English-to-French translation of our tendering templates and Orbidder interface to enable bilingual Orbidder launches in 2018.

Made in Canada, Orbidding the Globe
Based on the momentum of our successful Canadian campaign, we are also fast-tracking our U.S. expansion with our initial U.S. commercial release in New York State slated for January 2018, followed by subsequent releases in other major U.S. states through the spring, summer and fall quarters. Further afield on the global front, we continue to build on our successful Cayman deployment and our global deployment team is in final countdown mode for its second high-profile U.K. launch set for this September. More news to follow in the coming quarters.

New Functionalities: Orbidder Vault and Notice Generator
Following the successful rollout of our Orbidder Vault function, which allows institutions to customize their private library of re-usable content within their Orbidder control rooms, we are currently developing our new Orbidder Notice Generator. With the push of a button, this new function will automatically pull the right data from your final RFX documents and instantly generate ready-to-post solicitation notices. This single function is reason enough to launch Orbidder so that your organization can streamline its treaty compliance efforts. The Orbidder Notice Generator, which is now in final testing, is scheduled to launch later this Fall.

Connecting Orbidder to Your Posting Platforms
To enhanced your end-to-end interoperability, we are also developing the Orbidder Application Program Interface (API). The Orbidder API will enable you to automatically integrate Orbidder with the downstream functionalities contained in your existing posting, bid receipt and bid evaluation platforms.

As we highlighted in our recent joint webinar with Bonfire, Orbidder helps you manage your state-of-the-art tendering templates and automate your design and drafting process so you can create RFX documents with unprecedented speed and precision. For current Orbidder users, external posting is as easy as pressing “Assemble” within Orbidder and then uploading your final RFX documents to your posting platform.

To further enhance Orbidder’s end-to-end interoperability, the new Orbidder API will enable you to upload your final RFX documents, along with other related information, to your current posting platform with the single push of a button. Starting this fall, seamless integration through the Orbidder API will be available to all public and private posting and bid receipt platforms used by Canadian institutions. More details to follow shortly. In the interim, please contact us if you’d like to update your templates for treaty compliance, would like to launch your organization into the drafting automation of Orbidder, or would like to take Orbidder out for a test drive.