Ontario loses money selling weed, US GAO receives cloud contract protest, and Canada is accused of blocking the RCMP’s SNC-Lavalin investigation

By Julia Mills

The top stories from the world of government procurement this week include a school board that destroyed data and got rid of computers to avoid an audit, a flagging shipbuilding program, a tender error from 2012 that is causing chaos, and multiple investigations.

Ontario Loses Money Selling Pot

US GAO Receives Cloud Contract Protest

Canada Accused of Blocking SNC-Lavalin Investigation

New Zealand Award Upsets 16-Year Incumbent

Puerto Rican Officials Arrested for Bribery

California Airport Bypasses High Score

Trump Bids for G7 Conference

Pennsylvania School Board Investigated for Fraud

Britain Sinks Shipbuilding Program

UK Hospital Delayed Due to Tender Error

Ghana Officials Arrested for Corruption

Canada Sole-Sources $2 Billion Military Contract

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