Ottawa’s LRT Procurement Wins Award Amid Audit, Dublin Reverses Itself for Social Housing Contract, and Zambia Targets Sole-Sourcing

By Julia Mills

This week our top procurement stories include Ottawa receiving an award and an audit for the same project, Slovakia being ordered to cancel police camera and hardware tenders over specification issues, and Canada’s beleaguered F-35 fighter jet program becoming an election topic.

Ottawa LRT Wins P3 Award Amid Audit

Cayman Loses $1 Million on Untested Customs Tech

US DoD Halts GAO Audit with Corrective Action Promise

Dublin Reverses Own Decision on Social Housing Contract

Slovakia Must Cancel Police Camera and Hardware Tenders

Kenyan Police Vehicles Grounded Over Lease Tender

Zimbabwe Pays for Unfinished Roadwork

Zambia Targets Sole-Source Monopolies

Jammu and Kashmir Cancels Procurement Over Lack of Transparency

Canada’s Election Shines Spotlight on Beleaguered F-35 Procurement

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