The US Air Force Signs $20 Million in Contracts Based on Pitches Received in a Ballroom, Australia’s Visa Tender Raises Privacy Concerns, US Military Officials Bribed with Cash, Cars, and Guns, and Kuwaiti Laments Number of Projects Stuck on Paper

By Julia Mills

This week in public procurement news, the US Air Force signed $20 million in contracts after hearing pitches in a ballroom, an Albertan inquiry commissioner is charged with sole-sourcing a contract to his son-in-law’s firm, Kuwaiti lamented about having more projects on paper than in progress, and Guam played a shell game with tender documents, prompting a complaint.

US Air Force Signs $20M in Contracts from Ballroom

Alberta Inquiry Commissioner Charged with Sole-Sourcing

Australia’s Visa Tender Raises Privacy Concerns

Edmonton Forced to Retender $26B LRT Contract

US Military Bribery Scheme Included Cash, Cars, and Guns

UK Supplier Complaints on the Rise

Guam Plays Shell Game with Tender Documents

Kuwaiti Projects Stuck in Red Tape and On Paper

Nepal Suppliers Protest New Procurement Rules

Ontario Refuses to Reveal $1M Efficiency Contract Winner

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