The US Faces a Challenge from Oracle for its $10 Billion Contract, Canadian P3s are Being Approved Amid Evidence of Their Greater Expense, and the UK Grenfell Tower Contractor is Formally Banned from Future Public Housing Contracts

By Julia Mills

This week we’re tracking public procurement stories about controversial public-private partnership (P3) projects in Alberta and Nova Scotia, the US military being defrauded out of millions of dollars from a flawed contract, London banning the Grenfell Tower contractor from new housing projects, and New Zealand and China finally striking a free-trade agreement.

US Military Scammed Out of Millions

Alberta Approves P3 Projects Amid Protests

Nova Scotia Study Finds P3s Cost More

Grenada Sole-Sources UN-Funded Health Agreement

Canada Considers New Defence Procurement Agency

New Zealand and China Strike Free-Trade Deal

US Pentagon Receives Formal JEDI Protest

London Bans Grenfell Tower Contractor

India Awards Revamp Contract to Highest Bidder

Alberta Oil Blocked by Unsigned Rail Contracts

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