Ontario Announces an Already Planned Highway Expansion, the US and Australia Struggle with Conflicts of Interest, and the US Navy Awards the Largest Submarine Contract for a Whopping $20 Billion

By Julia Mills

This week’s top public procurement stories include conflicts of interest in Australia and the US, defence contracts under attack in Canada and the US, Ontario announcing an already planned highway expansion, and casino operators threatening to sue over Greek tender delays.

Australia’s $1 Billion Visa Tender Plagued with Conflicts

Ottawa’s LRT Evaluations Reveal Winning Bid Weaknesses

Canadian Defence Bus Tender Awarded to Disqualified Bidder

US Contractor Defrauded Marines Out of $1.3 Billion

US Contractor with Trump Ties Wins Wall Contract

Barbados Signs Contract for Chinese Electric Buses

US Navy Awards Largest Sub Contract for Over $20 Billion

Greek Government’s Delayed Casino Tender Under Pressure

Portugal Refuses to Block Huawei from 5G Tender

Ontario Re-Announces Major Highway Expansion

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