US Justice Department Fights Amazon for More Disclosure, Ontario Cancels LRT Project Citing Ballooning Costs, and Jamaica Faces Scrutiny Over Awarding to a Non-Compliant Bidder

By Julia Mills

Our final newsreel round-up for the year includes Amazon divulging some scores, but not all, in their JEDI contract court filing, Canada’s Prime Minister reversing thoughts on SNC-Lavalin after hearing the court ruling, Russia and South Africa’s nuclear collusion falling apart under established checks and balances, and Jamaica facing legal action over awarding a car contract to a non-compliant bidder.

US Justice Department Fighting Amazon JEDI Filing Redactions

Canadian PM Reverses Stance After SNC-Lavalin Ruling

Jamaica Faces Legal Action Over Supplier’s Multiple Bids

Ontario Shuts Down Hamilton LRT Citing Ballooning Costs

Ukraine Lawsuit Shines Light on US Connection

Scotland’s Ferry Project Costs More Than Double

Russian-South African Nuclear Deal Rife with Corruption

Scotland To Terminate £7 Billion Rail Contract Years Early

Manila Police Find Value in Rifle Tender

India’s Supreme Court Kills Social Media Spying Tender

Canadian Opposition Leader Under Fire for Spending

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