Alberta Sole-Sources the Only Videographer for the UCP, Australia Sole-Sources the Only Qualified Consultant, and Ottawa’s Auditor General Finds Nothing Wrong with SNC-Lavalin’s LRT Contract Win

By Julia Mills

This week in public procurement news the Ottawa Auditor General noted that SNC-Lavalin won the LRT contract due to a discretion clause and called for more transparency in the process, US FEMA took so long to award an RFP their needs changed and they were forced to cancel, and both Calgary and Australia were accused of abusing sole-source exceptions.

Ottawa LRT Contract Awarded Under Discretion Clause

Ottawa Auditor General’s LRT Audit Calls for Process Transparency

Florida Bus Procurement Stalled Over Contract Confusion

Australia Says Sole-Sourced Consultant Technically Unique

US FEMA Cancels RFP Due to Two-Year Delay

Jamaican Private Sector Calls for More Procurement Staff

US Government Contractor Moves Party from Trump Property

Bermuda Launches RFP for Procurement Help

Japanese Suppliers Win Contract Amid Suspected Bid-Rigging

Zimbabwe Retenders Rail Project After Lack of Funding

Malaysia High Court Refuses Corruption Case Transfer

Alberta Claims Sole-Sourced Videographer Only One Qualified

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