South Australian Health Department Audit Cites Mismanagement, US Pentagon Project Accused of Executive Influence, and Ottawa’s LRT Project Faces Another Subcontractor Suit

By Julia Mills

This week our media monitoring team is tracking the Canadian opposition’s private education spending scandal, the executive influence in the US Pentagon’s multi-billion contract, China banning US-made technology, the US demanding domestically made flatware for troops, and Ottawa’s beleaguered LRT project facing another law suit.

Canada’s Opposition Leader Quits Amid School Funding Scandal

US Pentagon Contract Awarded Under Executive Influence

South Australian Health Dept Audit Finds Mismanagement

US Defense Bill Demands Made-in-US Flatware for Forces

Florida Veteran’s Hospitals Face Corruption Charges

Slovakian Oversight Body Cancels Army Transport Tender

EU Proposes New International Trade Enforcement

China Bans US-Made Technology in Government Offices

Malaysian Communications Award Accused of Conflict of Interest

Singapore Awards Rail Contract to WTO Debarred Vendors

Ottawa Faces Another LRT Subcontractor Suit

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