Liberals Accused of Buying Votes With $3B Sole-Source, Halifax Shipyard Awarded $500M Maintenance Deal, and Trinidad Senator Wins Millions in Government Deals

By Paul Emanuelli

In this week’s global newsreel update, Canada doubles down on pre-election spending, the US Navy takes heat for its no-warranty ship strategy, Australia faces power blackouts, New Zealand’s local councils manage transit infrastructure and local preferences, the UK fast-tracks data centre funding, and Africa, Asia, and the Caribbean navigate ethics scandals, contractor blacklisting, and tendering intrigues.


Liberals Accused of Buying Votes With $3B Sole-Source

Halifax Shipyard Awarded $500M Maintenance Deal

Feds Bolster Inuit Award Preferences

Ontario Covers Over-Budget School Bids


GAO Pans Navy’s $20 Billion No Warranty Plan

NASA Launches Malfunctioning Satellite

Chinese Firms Banned from New Contracts

Utah Lawmaker Accused of Self-Dealing

Australia & South Pacific

Australia Must Power-Up to Avoid Blackouts

Auckland Short-Lists LRT Bidders

Palmerston North Ponders Buy-Local Shortfall

Papua New Guinea Launches Drug Inquiry

UK and EU

UK Fast-Tracks £400m For Data Centers

Firm with Defective Record Wins Irish School Bid

Brussels Bid Goes to New Police HQ

Africa, Asia and Caribbean

Ghana’s Procurement Head Caught Selling Contracts

Bangladesh Blacklists Bad Contractors

Quezon Dam Bids Face Compliance Controversy

Trinidad Senator Wins Millions in Government Deals

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