Meet Our Executive Team

Our core executive team is supplemented by our network of strategic alliances with specialized counsel across Canada to ensure that each file receives the optimal combination of sector- and region-specific expertise.
Paul Emanuelli
Paul EmanuelliGeneral Counsel and Managing Director
Paul Emanuelli is an internationally known author and procurement lawyer with over twenty years experience in public procurement. He has an extensive track record of public speaking, publishing and training and was recognized by Who’s Who Legal as one of the top ten public procurement lawyers in the world.
Heather Baker
Heather BakerSenior Procurement Advisor and Deputy Managing Director - Business Operations
Heather Baker is instrumental in supporting all aspects of our operations. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Administrative and Commercial Studies and Psychology and has worked in the procurement sector for almost a decade.
Marilyn Brown
Marilyn BrownSenior Legal Counsel and Deputy Managing Director - Legal Services
Marilyn Brown is a public sector lawyer with over fifteen years intensive practice in the area of procurement law. Before joining the Procurement Law Office, Marilyn worked in the City of Toronto’s Legal Services Division.
Julia Mills
Julia MillsSenior Procurement Advisor and Communications Manager
Julia Mills is our technology lead and directs our Orbidder support team. She assists on major projects and manages our media monitoring team. With over 10 years of communications experience, she writes articles for the website, and edits and proofreads legal documents and training materials.
Lisa Kuechler
Lisa KuechlerProcurement Advisor and Training Manager
Lisa manages the logistics for our training programs and provides client support for Orbidder users. She brings a wide range of experience to our team, including the management of a small business and acting as an advisor for large-scale payroll and benefits.
Bethany Pentesco
Bethany PentescoProcurement Advisor and Social Media Manager
Bethany leads our media monitoring team and manages our social media presence on Twitter and LinkedIn. She provides invaluable logistical and operational support to our executive team, handling details behind the scenes, and supports our client projects.

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