Trump Reports Progress in NAFTA Talks and Escalating Trade Wars Could Trigger Recession

By: Paul Emanuelli and Lisa Kuechler

This week our media monitoring team is tracking progress and peril on the trade treaty front, fresh evidence in the New York State bid rigging trial, a new federal community benefits policy, denials in DND’s recent sole-source/out-of-court settlement drama, a new Jamaican procurement Bill, and calls for a public inquiry on the Phoenix file.

Trump Reports Progress in NAFTA Talks

Escalating Trade Wars Could Trigger Recession

“Buffalo Billion” Named as Alleged New York State Bid Rigging Ring

Prosecutors Lead “Quid-Pro-Cuomo” Evidence in NY Price Fixing Prosecution

Feds Tie Community Benefits to New Project Funding

DND Denies Link Between Dropped Lawsuit and Recent Sole-Source Award

Jamaican Senate Passes New Public Procurement Bill

Union Urges PM to Call Inquiry into Phoenix Debacle


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