Canadian Sole-Sourcing “Emergency”, New Batch of Lawsuits, and Billions of Extra Costs in BC

By Paul Emanuelli and Lisa Kuechler

This week’s newsreel features a new case note by Anna Krol of the Procurement Law Office on another CFTA and CETA ruling striking down an “emergency” sole-source award, reports of new and pending procurement lawsuits in Edmonton, Miami and London, Pentagon plans to update technology procurement, project delays in Sudbury and New Zealand, shakedown allegations in South Africa, calls for greater airline competition in Nunavut, and billions in alleged extra construction costs in BC.

Single-Source “Emergency” Struck Down by Tribunal

Alberta Road Firms Challenge $482 Million Award to BC Bidder

$23 Million Miami-Dade Electric Bus Deal Stalled by Bid Dispute

London Charity Officials Face Potential Claims in Failed Bridge Project

Pentagon Moves to Modernize Outdated Technology Procurement

Facelift on Sudbury’s Federal Building Years Behind Schedule

New Zealand Council Calls for Review of “Twisted” Construction Project

Shakedown Allegations in South African Construction Tender

Iqaluit City Hall Calls for More Competition in Airline Services

FDIB Says BC’s Union-Only Deal to Cost Billions in Extra Road Costs

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