Former Ontario Chief of Staff Sentenced and Ontario Removes Supplier Subscription Fees

By: Paul Emanuelli and Lisa Kuechler

This week, our Media Monitoring Team is following the sentencing of Ontario’s former Chief of Staff, suspected political connections to Illinois tollway sole source deal and the elimination of supplier subscription fees for Ontario’s online bidding system:

Former Ontario Chief of Staff Sentenced to Four Months for Gas Plant Document Deletion

Globe Board Supports Jail Time for “Criminal Coverup” in Ontario Powerplant Scandal

Blatchford Criticizes System For Letting Former Chief of Staff Out of Jail Pending Appeal

Political Connections Suspected in Illinois Tollway Sole Source Deal

New York State Waste Removal Company Does Damage Control in Price Fixing Scandal

RCMP Sending 4000 Civilian Staff into Phoenix Vortex

Mandatory Online Submissions for US Federal Bid Protests Starting in May

Ontario Removes Supplier Subscription Fees for Online Bidding System


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