Tribunal Dismisses Post-Award Complaint and Cuomo Blasted Over Pay-to-Play Allegations

By Paul Emanuelli and Lisa Kuechler

This week’s newsreel includes a Legal Update by Procurement Law Office Counsel Anna Krol covering a new CFTA ruling that dismissed a post-award contract complaint on jurisdictional grounds, along with a report out of Kenya finding that over 80% of identified Health procurement irregularities occurred at the same post-award stage of the procurement process. Other highlights from our media monitoring team include the latest intrigues in the ongoing NAFTA negotiations, rising concerns over a lockout of domestic suppliers from Canadian federal procurements, a controversial payroll system sole-source in Nebraska, and blowback over Governor Cuomo’s pay-to-play allegations.

Legal Update

Tribunal Dismisses Post-Award Complaint by Anna Krol

News Update

Kenyan Report Finds 80% of Irregularities Occurred After Award

Trump Puts Canada on NAFTA Countdown

Experts Question Trump’s Hardball Play Against Canada

Canada Vows Not to Cave to Trump’s Tactics

Canadian Firms Locked Out of DND Security Procurements

Canadian IT Firms Blocked From Big Data Deals

Nebraska Sole-Sources Controversial Payroll Contract

Cuomo Blasted Over Pay-to-Play Allegations

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