A Featured Position in our Procurement Resource Office and Four Priorities for Canada’s New Procurement Ombudsman

By Paul Emanuelli and Lisa Kuechler

This week’s Newsreel includes our new Featured Position from the Procurement Resource Office, along with the latest procurement news, including the top priorities for Canada’s new Procurement Ombudsman, more protectionism in Ontario and Saskatchewan, the US blocking the UK’s WTO bid, Google dropping out of a $10 billion Pentagon procurement, warnings about IT ethics and municipal non-compliance in Australia, a US federal bid-rigging indictment, and an overbudget bid cancellation in Louisiana.

Featured Position: Procurement Resource Office

Can you drive cost-savings by leveraging your strategic sourcing expertise? Do you have the ability to develop and sustain supplier relationships? Salary range: $81K-$101K. Sound like you? Apply today.

News Update

Four Priorities for Canada’s New Procurement Ombudsman

Closed Shop Infrastructure Bids Costing Municipalities Billions

Saskatchewan NDP Looks to Reignite Trade War With Alberta

US Blocks UK’S WTO Bid

Google Drops Out of $10 Billion Pentagon Procurement

Australian Commission Warns of Integrity Risks in IT Procurement

Weak Controls Lead to Procurement Lapses in Australian Municipalities

Bid-Rigging Indictments by Federal Grand Jury

Louisiana Voting Machine Tender Goes Over Budget

Louisiana Cancels Voting Machine Contract

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