Canada’s Supreme Court Rules Against Reopening 65-Year Old Contract and the Trans-Pacific Partnership is Ratified

By Paul Emanuelli and Candace Hurlock

This week our media monitoring team was tracking a Canadian court blocking the reopening of a 65-year old contract, remediation measures in corruption charges against SNC-Lavalin, US oil sanctions against Iran, the ratification of the Trans-Pacific Partnership, controversies surrounding Nova Scotia’s electronic health records prequalification, Canada’s launch of the new fighter plane tender, a three-way split on Canada’s multi-billion dollar ship maintenance contract, blackout bids in the Sunshine State, infrastructure deals in Miami and at the Detroit-Windsor border, scrapping New York’s Scaffold Law, and Jamaica’s foray into P3 projects.

Canada Shuts Down Reopening of 65-Year Old Contract

No Remediation for SNC-Lavalin in Corruption Controversy

Trump Reimposes Iranian Oil Sanctions

New Trans-Pacific Trade Deal Ratified

Controversy in Nova Scotia E-Health Records Prequal

Ottawa’s Fighter Plane Tender Takes Off

Three Shipyards Split Canada’s Maintenance Contracts

Florida’s Sunshine Law No Match for Blackout Bids

Push For Privately Funded Detroit-Windsor Bridge

Miami to Get Relief From Traffic Congestion 

Jamaica Pursues P3 Deals

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