Canada Moves Ahead with Overbudget Ship and Arachnophobia Costs Thousands

By Paul Emanuelli and Candace Hurlock

This week’s highlights focus Canada’s go-ahead on an overbudget Canadian ship project, Florida pulling the plug on an overbudget ferry, Manitoba and Trinidad and property sales, Ottawa’s cyberespionage strategy, Israel’s submarine indictments, Australia’s struggle with “environmental” coal procurement, new procurement rules in Macau, India’s 30% public procurement savings, and Canada’s federal government spending on cars and fumigation.

Royal Canadian Navy Doubles on Sixth Ship

Transit Sales Tax Grounds Florida Ferry

Manitoba Land Swap Program

Technical Points Trump Price in Guyana Land Tenders

Ottawa Considers Cyberespionage Risk for 5G Contracts

Watershed Indictments in Israel Submarine Scandal

Coal Investment Smokes Out Environmental Procurement Rules

Macau Requests Procurement Rule Suggestions

India’s Public Procurement Savings Rise to 30%

Canada Spends Millions on New Cars for Two-day G7 Summit 

Arachnophobia Costs Canada Thousands

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