Phoenix Pay System Spending is into the Millions and Non-Transparent Spending in NY is into the Billions

By: Paul Emanuelli and Lisa Kuechler

This week, our Media Monitoring Team is following New York State’s non-transparent spending, more money going into the Phoenix pay system and an attempted kickback scam in Australia:

New York State Slammed For $10 Billion in Non-Transparent Spending

Feds Flush Another $36.5 Million Into Phoenix System

NAFTA Deal Stalls Over Automatic Sunset Clause

Procurementpalooza in BC Interior

Following his highly successful program in the spring of 2016, Paul Emanuelli returned to the BC interior for an even larger event May 7th and 8th. Hosted by the City of Kamloops, this two-day seminar featured highlights from the brand new 4th edition of Emanuelli’s Government Procurement textbook. With over 100 registrants from 40 public institutions in attendance, this event included a half-time networking social as well as a raffle for a free copy of the new textbook.

Emanuelli’s next public training appearances will be at the University of West Indies Caribbean commercial law conference in Bahamas in July, followed by a two-day treaty compliance course in Toronto hosted by SCMA in September, the 5th annual week-long advanced Osgoode course in Toronto in November, and a two-day conference on international procurement standards hosted by the University of the West Indies in Port of Spain Trinidad in December. Plans are also already confirmed for the 10th annual week-long original public procurement course at Osgoode in Toronto in April, 2019.

Please consult our Seminars and Conferences page for further details about upcoming events.

Edmonton Escalates Towards LRT Termination

Australian Shakedown? Contractor Claims Kickback Scam in Canberra


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