Competition Bureau and DCC Join Forces to Fight Bid-Rigging, US Reforms Call for More Transparency and a Museum Tender Gets Cancelled Over Unfair Insider Advantage Concerns

By Paul Emanuelli and Lisa Kuechler

This week’s newsreel features highlights from the end of 2018 and start of 2019 to bring you up to speed on some of the stories you may have missed over the holidays.

As 2019 rolls in, the latest stories include new anti-bid-rigging strategies for Canadian federal procurement, calls for better debriefings for US federal procurement, Schumer attacking military milk procurement, Cuomo defending the removal of construction oversight, Canada forging forward with used Australian jets, and Britain bracing for Brexit by scrambling for new ferry services.

Other notable news items include electronic tendering in Latvia, $1 billion in lost eProcurement opportunities in Ohio, Saskatchewan going with local business, Calgary seeking social procurement, Surrey facing millions in cancelled LRT claims, Newfoundland and Florida dealing with school spending irregularities, and a museum tender getting cancelled over unfair insider advantage concerns.

Competition Bureau and DCC Join Forces to Fight Bid-Rigging

US Reforms Call for More Transparency in Debriefs

Schumer Attacks Military Milk Procurement Plan

Cuomo Defends Stripping Comptroller of Oversight

Canada Forges Forward With Used Australian Jets

Feared Brexit Customs Logjam Sparks Ferry Service Scramble

Latvia Goes Electronic for 2019 Tenders

Audit Finds Lack of ePlatform Costs Ohio $1 Billion in Savings

Saskatchewan to Balance Open Bidding with Local Business

Calgary Recommends Social Procurement

Surrey Faces $57 Million Compensation Claim for Cancelled LRT

Newfoundland Schools Seek Funding to Fight Fraud

Florida School Finds Potential Spending Irregularities

Museum Tender Cancelled on Unfair Advantage Concerns

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