Procurement Practices in Halifax and Scope-Change Violations in the UK

By: Paul Emanuelli and Lisa Kuechler

This week, our Media Monitoring Team is following the Auditor General’s report on procurement practices in Halifax, the uncovering of scope-change violations in the UK and the $500 million post-Phoenix sole-source to the same vendor in Canada:

City Auditor Slams Halifax Procurement Practices

UK Hearings Uncover Scope-Change Violations

Scottsdale Scandal Triggers Relapse to Low Bid Awards

Inside Information Leaked to Bidders in Post-Tsunami Tokyo Tenders

Philippine Bill Proposes Better Recording of Procurement Process

Africa Negotiating $3 Trillion Free Trade Zone

DOD Defends $1.6 Billion Cloud Computing Tender

Domestic Firms Claim Local Lockout in Australian Submarine Award

Post-Phoenix Feds Award $500 Million Sole-Source to Same Vendor


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