Senate Sole-Sources Accessibility Ushers, SNC-Lavalin Ordered to Trial on Libyan Bribery Allegations, and Trump’s Mexican Tariffs Threaten New NAFTA

By Paul Emanuelli 

This week’s newsreel features the latest Senate spending scandal, SNC-Lavalin is ordered to trial on Libyan bribery allegations, and the federal government is questioned over its approach to “economic benefits”. In other Canadian news, Ontario defends its cancellation of the Beer Store deal, Nunavut questions consulting contracts, and Quebec opts for local preference on its train tenders. In global news, Namibia also looks at local preference, Estonia awards a new jet contract, the UK and Albuquerque grapple with transparency issues, and Trump puts NAFTA 2.0 in peril by slamming Mexico with more tariffs.

Senate Sole-Sources Accessibility Ushers

SNC-Lavalin Ordered to Trial on Libyan Bribery Allegations

Feds Criticized For Unrelated “Economic Benefits” in Military Buys

Ontario Dismisses Costs of Cancelling Beer Store Deal

Nunavut Legislator Criticizes Use of Contractors For Job Vacancies

Quebec Premier Promotes Local Preference in Train Tender

Namibian Reforms to Promote Local Purchasing

Estonia Awards New Jet Transportation Contract

UK Judge Orders Disclosure of Health Foundation Records

Albuquerque Debates Transparency of Supplier Bids

Trump’s Mexican Tariffs Threaten New NAFTA

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