Canada Capitulates in F-35 Strategy, Saskatchewan Auditor Slams eHealth Improprieties, and World Bank Debarments Crack Down on Collusion

By Paul Emanuelli 

In this week’s newsreel, Canada caves to US pressure in the F-35 program, Saskatchewan is slammed for eHealth improprieties, SNC-Lavalin is short-listed in Edmonton, and a Nunavut MLA calls for local preference for heritage hats. In global news, Amazon is accused of inside ball in the Pentagon cloud competition, the US and Mexico avert a NAFTA meltdown with a new border deal, the US and UK scramble for a post-Brexit deal, China plans tariff retaliations, Barbados is slammed after a low bid bypass, and the World Bank cracks down on collusion with high-profile debarments.

Canada Capitulates in F-35 Strategy

Saskatchewan Auditor Slams eHealth Improprieties

SNC-Lavalin Makes Short-List in Edmonton LRT

Nunavut MLA Calls for Local Awards for Heritage Hats

Amazon Accused of Inside Ball in $10 Billion Pentagon Deal

NAFTA 2.0 Impasse Averted With US/Mexico Border Deal

China Hits Back in Tariff War with US

UK and US Scramble For Post-Brexit Trade Deal

Barbados Auditor Slams Low Bid Bypass Contract

World Bank Debarments Crack Down on Collusion

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