Google’s Toronto Waterfront Plans Under Fire, Maclean’s Warns of Cracks in the Sidewalk, and Florida Report Slams High-Cost Big Consulting Firms

By Paul Emanuelli and Jenna Peacock

This week’s newsreel features a series of controversial public land and infrastructure projects, including new questions about the Google Sidewalk Labs Projects on the Toronto waterfront, bid-rigging claims in a Sleepy Hollow development, unfair process allegations in a Saskatchewan public land tender, cost overruns in an Irish forensic lab project, an Alaskan sole-source at a psychiatric facility, and a voided parking complex deal in Kenya. Meanwhile, in the federal interference scandal, Trudeau’s credibility sinks faster than SNC’s share prices and credit rating as the engineering giant now faces new fraud charges on a Montreal bridge project. In other news, the Mounties laid fresh charges in the federal ship scandal, the UK cancelled its Brexit ferry deal, Estonia faced bias allegations in an anti-tank missile tender, and a Florida report slammed high-cost multinational consulting firms.

Google’s Toronto Waterfront Plans Under Fire

Maclean’s Warns of Cracks in the Sidewalk

Bid-Rigging Claims Come to a Head in Sleepy Hollow

Red Flags in Saskatchewan Land Development Deal

Major Cost Overruns in Irish Forensic Lab Project

Alaska Sole-Sources Psychiatric Care Facility Contract

Kenyan Board Voids Parking Complex Project

Trudeau Losing Credibility Battle in SNC Scandal

SNC-Lavalin Facing More Criminal Charges

Scandal Tanks SNC Share Prices and Credit Rating

Mounties Lay Charges Over Leaked Docs in Ship Scandal

UK Cancels Brexit Ferry Contract

Estonia Faces Bias Battle in Anti-Tank Missile Tender

Florida Report Slams High-Cost Big Consulting Firms

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