Trinidad Completes Offshore Oil Project, Trade Deal Means No VIA Local Preference for Bombardier, and Architects Question Ghana’s Cathedral Project

By Paul Emanuelli and Lisa Kuechler

This week’s newsreel features the latest stories from the world of procurement, including a new offshore oil project in Trinidad, the signing of the USMCA, no more train tender preferences for Bombardier, high-tech and high-speed US military procurement, more military mishaps and misspending in Canada, and ongoing procurement scandals and controversies in South Africa, Zimbabwe, Uganda, and Ghana.

Trinidad Completes Offshore Oil Project

Trump, Pena Nieto, and Trudeau Sign USMCA

Trade Deal Means No VIA Local Preference for Bombardier

Microsoft Wins $480 Million Military Headset Deal

US Air Force Accelerates Small Business Awards

Analysis of Canada’s Sad Military Procurement Saga

Canada’s “Anti-Poverty” Agency Spends $500K on Branding

South African Agency Struggles With Tainted Port Deal

State Agencies Resist Zimbabwe’s New Procurement Law

World Bank’s eProcurement Project Stalls in Uganda

Architects Question Ghana’s Cathedral Project

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