Former SNC Head Pleads Guilty in Corruption Scandal, Calls for SNC’s Debarment From Federal Contracts, and Chamber Calls for Depoliticized Tendering in Trinidad

By Paul Emanuelli and Jenna Peacock

In this week’s newsreel the former head of SNC Lavalin pleads guilty in a corruption scandal amid federal calls for the firm’s debarment; former Canadian Treasury Board Chair Scott Brison denies interference in the naval ship procurement file; Metrolinx is set to impose penalties on late LRT deliveries by Bombardier; Canada faces a $500 billion infrastructure shortfall; and suburban mayors in Metro Vancouver feel shortchanges in transit planning. Meanwhile, in Europe, Transparency International lowers the EU’s anti-corruption scores, while Malta faces allegations of biased specs, and a major Latvian train tender is blocked by a bid protest. In other global news, a Hawaiian engineer admits to paying $400K in bribes to government officials, while Ohio cracks down on debarments against bid-riggers, and the Chamber of Commerce calls on depoliticized tendering in Trinidad.

Former SNC Head Pleads Guilty in Corruption Scandal

Calls for SNC’s Debarment From Federal Contracts

Brison Denies Interference in Naval Ship Procurement

Metrolinx to Impose Penalties on Bombardier

Report Claims Canada Has $500 Billion Infrastructure Gap

Vancouver Suburban Mayors Feel Shortchanged in Transit Planning

Report Finds Weaker EU Anti-Corruption Scores

Biased Spec Allegations in Maltese Cleaning Tender

Bid Protest Blocks Latvian Train Tender Award

Hawaiian Engineer Admits to $400K in Bribes

Ohio Brings Debarments Down on Bid Riggers

Chamber Calls for Depoliticized Tendering in Trinidad

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