South African Suppliers Call For Local Content Rules, India Applies Local Preference to Auto Tenders, and Bombardier Loses VIA Train Tender

By Paul Emanuelli and Lisa Kuechler

This week’s newsreel includes a New Brunswick case allowing a low-bid bypass for local preference, other local preference stories out of South Africa and India, corruption, nepotism and non-compliance claims in India and Nigeria, bid shopping concerns in Denver, procurement delays impacting the Louisiana election, Oracle filing multiple counts in a military bid protest, Ontario striking down municipal “closed shop” union rules, the latest round of Canadian federal controversies involving the failed Phoenix system and the disputed frigate design contract, and VIA’s decision to bypass Bombardier in a recent train tender.

Legal Update

Court Allows Local Preference Bypass

News Update

South African Suppliers Call For Local Content Rules

India Applies Local Preference to Auto Tenders

India’s Supreme Court Rejects Call for Corruption Probe

Report Claims Nepotism and Non-Compliance in Nigeria

Denver Stops Convention Tender Over Bid-Rigging

Failed Bid Means No Machines for Louisiana Election

Oracle Claims Seven Counts in Military Bid Protest

Ontario Takes Aim at “Closed Shop” Union Bid Law

Phoenix System Mired in Training Issues

Tribunal Lifts Suspension of Frigate Design Award

Bombardier Loses VIA Train Tender

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