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Featuring new content from Paul Emanuelli’s forthcoming new book The Art of Tendering: A Global Due Diligence Guide, this program will cover the most important issues facing public procurement professionals with a focus on how domestic and global trends are impacting public procurement practices in Canada in the areas of institutional governance, project governance, tendering formats, document drafting, bidding risks, contract management, training, and innovation.

Drawing on his most recent research, Paul Emanuelli’s new program covers the following topics:

  • A synthesis of the trade treaties, statutory structures, case law trends, and audit benchmarks shaping the common core global standards that regulate public sector procurement, with recommendations on how to conduct institutional reviews and implement updated policies and procedures to
    achieve compliance with those standards;
  • Practical recommendations and guidelines on how to meet the challenges of project governance, including proper project planning and implementation practices, along with the use of advanced tendering formats and professional drafting techniques to organize your solicitation drafting teams;
    An analysis of the key contract design factors that should inform your project teams in implementing the appropriate contract management strategies and selecting the appropriate contracting formats;
  • Critical insights on leading project teams in complex commercial negotiations using the negotiated RFP formats recognized by international procurement standards; and
    Recommendations on how to lead advanced training and innovation initiatives within public institutions.

Detailed Daily Agendas

Day 1: Building Winning Conditions

Day 1 focuses on establishing winning conditions for public procurement and covers the following modules:

Institutional Governance: Applying Global Standards to Local Purchasing

Synthesising the major principles that inform the common core global standards in public procurement, this module provides a survey of the due diligence measures required to achieve compliance at the institutional and project level through the implementation of institutional‐ and project‐level policies and procedures.

Project Governance: The Art of Design and Strategic Execution

Surveying the five critical design factors that account for 95% of project success or failure, this module covers the design planning checklist that should guide your major projects to ensure that you buy what you need, on time, on budget, and by the rules.


Advanced Tendering Formats: Leveraging the Global Playbook

Drawing on a broad range of leading global practices, this module helps you identify the appropriate tendering formats for your procurement projects and explains when you should use one‐step “rank‐and‐run” consecutive NRFPs and two‐stage “best‐and‐final‐offer” concurrent dialogue NRFPs in major projects. This module also explains how you should use commercially confidential meetings to protect confidential supplier information, while maintaining the transparency of your NRFP process.

Document Drafting: Coordinating Your Team for Precision Drafting

Focusing on developing clear scoping statements, mapping requirements to pricing and contract structures, and aligning contract content to evaluation criteria, this module summarizes the drafting practices that your project team should implement to ensure clarity and consistency in your solicitation documents.

Day 2: Leveraging Strategic Execution

Day 2 focuses on implementing leading procurement practices in the following areas:

The Art of Selection: Managing Bidding Risks

Covering the key considerations for building a defensible contract award process, this module focuses on integrating transparent award criteria, ensuring procedural correctness, maintaining adequate recordkeeping, and managing enhanced consensus scoring.

The Art of Award: Strategic Execution in Contract Negotiations

Surveying the strategic and tactical principles that apply to NRFP negotiations, this module summarizes the seven‐step process that combines traditional negotiation theory with deeper strategic principles to help your negotiation team control the terms of engagement, execute encirclement, leverage time and space, and close the deal.


Contract Management: Building Value Through Incentives and Deterrents

Analyzing the six contract design factors that inform the selection of the appropriate contract format, this module explains how proper contract structures serve as the foundation for the post‐award phase of your procurement process.

Future Considerations: Leading Advanced Practices

Offering recommendations on how to lead advanced training and innovation initiatives within public institutions, this module explains how to leverage advanced business processes and technologies to accelerate your tendering cycles.


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