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We are pleased to announce that Paul Emanuelli will be presenting a two-day purchasing workshop in Kamloops, British Columbia, May 7-8, 2018.

The workshop will include the following topics:

Treaty Compliance

  • Open and Fair Competition
  • Anti-Avoidance Rules and Exemptions
  • Debriefing Duties and Confidentiality
  • Bid Disputes and the CITT

Fair Competition

  • Disclosing Evaluation Criteria
  • Tender Compliance
  • Incumbent Advantage and Biased Specifications
  • The Duty to Award

Art of Design

  • Mitigating Project Meltdowns
  • Designing Your Initial Mapping Statement
  • Contract Design
  • The Precision Drafting Primer

Art of Selection

  • Building Your Evaluation Grid
  • Managing Mandatories
  • Integrating Transparent Award Criteria
  • Implementing Clear Evaluation Procedures

Flexible Formats

  • Global Overview
  • Leveraging Low Bid Lane
  • Navigating Negotiated RFPs
  • Balancing Confidentiality and Transparency in NRFPs

Art of Award

  • Strategic Considerations
  • Using Deep Strategy in RFP Negotiations
  • Case Studies in Strategic Execution
  • Tactical Considerations: Seven Steps to Closing the Deal

For more information and to register, please email purchasing@kamloops.ca by April 27, 2018 at 2:00 p.m. PST.